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Vidya Balan to talk on women breaking new ground in Bollywood!

Vidya Balan Oct 2017

Vidya Balan to give a special talk on women breaking new ground in Bollywood!

Vidya Balan is anything but conventional, shattering glass ceilings and breaking stereotypes – She was the first female star from Bollywood to proudly shoulder a woman-centric film and rewrote history with the blockbuster The Dirty Picture.
Having headlined several game changing films for women stars in movies including Ishqya and the Kahaani franchise , the actress who has dared to be different and stuck to her roots, has always been a favorite while studying how the Contemporary Female Star in Bollywood has shaped aspirations for the New Indian Woman.
Vidya was recently invited by an arts and culture club called Algebra to talk about what it took to break new ground for women in Bollywood. The actor will address a audience of 350  entrepreneurs, corporates, lawyers, doctors, educators and artists. Other guests in attendance include Olympic Gold medallist Abhinav Bindra and Rathin Roy, one of five experts in PM’s Modi’s economic council.
Talking about the event, Vidya says, “I look forward to speaking at the event and engage in interesting conversations about having grit, following one’s passion and being truly individualistic”.

(Vidya Balan pix: Rohan Shrestha)

GHOST STORY – an upcoming abstract horror film

GHOST STORY pre-release 1

Expected to release around this Diwali is an upcoming Bollywood’s horror flick that is produced, directed and edited by Zubair Khan – ‘Do you believe in GHOST STORY?’.

Zubair’s resume boasts of having assisted several biggie film directors and the notable among them are Mukul Anand. His earlier film was Lakeer Ka Fakeer which was shot in real locations in the underbelly of South Mumbai.

“GHOST STORY is an abstract horror film and I have taken the risk of producing it. Or to put it in simple terms, it is a simple Horror film with a different treatment,” begins Zubair Khan.

On watching the treatment to this film, to start with, the story itself begins with revealing the suspense, which usually is shown towards the climax. “One thing I can assure you that it is a pacy film and the viewer would not even find any uninteresting moments of dullness, mentioned Zubair.

“It is about a psycho, and to a certain extent I accept that as an individual, I tend to become a psycho at times. I am influenced a lot my Korean films and that boldness and gory scenes in the film explains that,” admits the young director.

Well, with the suspense revealed at the start and then following up with the narration of how and when the incidents occured, what would the audience feel while leaving the cinema hall, “I want the viewer to feel that is is fooled by Zubair Khan. And yes, I am basically fooling the audience with dishing them with totally unexpected moments following the narrative,” declares this neo-noir inclined director.

The story is centered around 2 male protagonists – a guy who is frustrated in life and the other is an unsuccessful director who day-in and day-out films his wife during her sleep, waking up, eating, making love and even while he is kissing her. It is this self-obsessed filmmaker who then kills his wife.

Enters the third character that of a female film writer who is researching on the subject of paranormal activities. This infuses the horror in the story and it ends up so ‘electrifyingly’ horrifying that even after realising that she cannot stand it anymore, it is that curosity and the writing spirit in her which leads her to dig deeper into the subject making the horror element in the film to reach its dizzying heights.

GHOST STORY pre-release 2

Do you really believe in GHOST STORY? These guys do!

So then what is there in the story to watch the film, “As a director I want to show what actually happened in the mansion with the deliberate intention to misguide the audience. Right from the start till the end, my endeavour is to confuse and further confuse the audience,” Zubair mentions with a wicked grin.

GHOST STORY features Aabid Shamim and Farrah Kader in pivotal roles who are supported by Shilpi Shukla, Anshul Mahant and Samidha Kiran. Not taking into account the pre and post production efforts and time consumed, the film was completed in a single non-interrupted schedule of 6 days as claimed by the production team.

Now we were curious to know what is so unique or different in the film Do you believe in GHOST STORY?
“GHOST STORY is an abstract genre film. A horror story treated with a completely new edit pattern – never seen in Bollywood flick atleast,” Zubair Khan summed it up.

In conclusion, we at FilmyTown realized one thing that either the director who is also the producer seems ‘hell bent’ (pun intended) on drowning his money down the drain… or this one is the director that not only Bollywood – even the Hollywood would wake up and notice the creativity in story telling.

Bollywood celebs at 5th TIIFA Awards

5th TIIFA Awards

Bollywood celebrities attend 5th TIIFA Awards

Saturday evening was witnessed Shamim A Khan PARWAZ MEDIA GROUP celebrating its annual “THE INDIAN ICON FILM AWARDS 2016” called (TIIFA).

Tiifa is a Complete Bollywood and Television Award event in which they honor those who give their time, dedication & devotion to the Film & TV Industry & they also awarded some special awards to those legendary who are not with us but they had set a mark on this Industry by their performances.

The Indian icon Film awards (TIIFA) is a BRAND dedicated to promoting Indian Cinema. TIIFA has grown from ‘One Amazing Night’, with Performance of dancing, Singing & Comedy which stars celebrate.

This year TIIFA is going to celebrate its first Bollywood Award Show for the Film & TV Industry. TIIFA, presented award to Deepika Singh, Zeenat Aman, Omung Kumar, Daisy Shah, Shabbir Kumar,  Ismail Darbar,  Palak Muchhal,  Akhil among others.

A number of celebrities attended The Awards Night. Among the notable ones were Prity Jhangiani, Milind Gaba, Falak Naaz, Rajiv Thakur, Jatin Pandit, Arko Parvo Mukharjee, Shadab Faridy, Sangeeta Vardhan, Punnet Issar and others.

The evening’s surprise was live performance by Shabbir Kumar who begun by rendering a Durga Mata’s aarti.

Slow, steady strides in Bollywood: Avinash Dwivedi

Avinash Dwivedi

“My dream of working in Bollywood is steadily taking shape”, says Avinash Dwivedi.

Meet Avinash Dwivedi – a tall and lean guy having boy-next-door looks with an intense gaze. There is something menacing in his eyes that keeps you mesmerized while speaking to him in person.

Acting has always been his passion since long. Having gathered great experiences in Theatres and creative contemporary projects, Bollywood is where his eyes are set.

Recent evolution of artful and contemporary Bollywood cinema has inspired him to work even harder.

Most aspiring actors today, wish to make their debut in filmy town in a film as the ‘Hero’, yet Avinash Dwivedi made his debut in Bollywood as a Villain, as according to him, the range he got to show was tremendous in “Ranbanka”.
Even the director of his debut film “ Ranbanka”, Aryeman Ramsay made his own bold debut with this film.

Admiring the director he worked with, Avinash said, “ No matter what problems came, Aryeman Sir showed great grit and persistence in getting things done with solution. I learnt a lot many things from him.

Avinash, having excelled in various art forms and medium, like winning the dance reality show “ Dance Sangram” judged by Saroj Khanji, Sambhavna Seth and Shweta Tiwari.

He has done various Global and Nationally Hit Commercials for Quikr, Carlsberg, Tata Sky, Videocon D2H, Aqualite Footwear, Mahindra etc.
Avinash impressed us with his final remarks, “In Bollywood, the more I see, the more I want to learn, the more I do, the more I want to grow and it is just the beginning…!

Avinash Dwivedi

The Action Jacksons of 2015

Action Jacksons in 2015

A list of girls who played tough characters in their films released in the year gone by.

Taapsee Pannu in ‘Baby’

The talented actress amused the audiences with her breath-taking action sequence in the film ‘Baby’. The actress played an Indian spy part of a covered mission. She was seen in a tough role.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in ‘Jazba’

The blue eyed actress was seen doing some action moves in her film ‘Jazba’. She played a single mother and lawyer by profession whose daughter gets kidnapped. The actress blown us with her power packed performance.

Deepika in ‘Bajirao Mastani’

Deepika Padukone played a warrior princess in the film. She gazed the silver screen when used swords to shed some blood in the action sequences. The actress truly lived up to her character making her fans go gaga over her performance.

Amy Jackson in ‘Singh is Bliing’

Amy Jackson in ‘Singh is Bliing’

Amy Jackson in ‘Singh is Bliing’

Amy Jackson did some kick-ass action stunts in her film ‘Singh is Bling’. The actress who was seen opposite the Khiladi Kumar surprised us with her action moves. The actress who looked delicate also kicked lot of butts proving her versatility as an actor.

Anushka Sharma in NH10

Anushka Sharma stunned the audiences by her thriller film ‘NH10′. The actress who played a corporate lady, meets with some mishap events which make her do some serious thrilling action moves. The actress was highly appreciated for her role in the film.

These beauties definitely know to kick some butts!

Handbook on preparing for career in acting

Audition Room - Book

India’s first ever holistic handbook on preparing for a career in acting

Audition Room: the casting myth buster and what to expect in Mumbai’s Filmy Town

For a career in acting, an aspirant works tremendously on his physique, on his looks, learning the dance steps, acting skills and those lucky ones in the metros, join acting schools, but the question looming large is how many of them work on their audition skills?

No matter how well trained an aspiring actor is or mastered his skills in acting, dancing, fights, etc, ultimately it is his efforts in the best shots he takes in presenting himself in the acting studio which could lead him up the ladder or vice versa.

It is in the audition room that where several actors are tried (put to test) to perform their part, and directors like Sanjay Leela Bhansali would leave no stone un-turned to find the right person even for a character’s role in his films.

Manoj Ramola, ace casting director has compiled his decade long experience as a book- Audition Room with a view to provide in-deph understanding of the glamour world for budding actors. ‘Audition Room’ fills in a huge need gap that millions of aspiring actors stumble upon on an everyday basis while chasing their celluloid dreams.

Bollywood is like a dream land and many come to Mumbai every day to chase this dream. Brimming with passion and will, these ‘strugglers’ are ready to plunge head first into this steeply competitive world. While will and passion is important to crack the code, it is often not enough. An industry that is surrounded with myths and mysticism, more often than not, gives a very ambiguous picture from the outside. The plain vanilla truth is suppressed by juicy gossip and makes belief ideas, fueled with media speculation. Awareness is the first key to success. Casting director and author Manoj Ramola in his book, ‘Audition Room’ has helped bridge the communication gap for strugglers.

Manoj Ramola, the author of 'Audition Room'

Manoj Ramola, the author of ‘Audition Room’

Throwing some light on the mysteries and myths of casting, Manoj added, “The only aspect of casting that ever makes it to main stream media is the “couch”. I want to educate people that there is so much more to it. Casting is a skill set by itself. This is why I have often seen people who are good actors not get the role, where in relatively mediocre actor who understands the process and the brief bag the role.”

Casting and acting are two very separate processes. This book explores the details of how acting is one of the aspects that is needed in an audition room. The book is not meant to teach acting. It is rather the process off utilizing the skill set one posses to bag the role. The book sheds light on the preparation for auditions, understanding the requirements of various mediums, technical, aspects of auditioning and guidance on basic topics like survival in Mumbai, something most people over look before they embark on their journey.

Manoj hails from a small town in Uttarakhand from a conservative military background. He faced his fair share of struggle when he came to Mumbai. “Lack of awareness is the biggest hindrance for a struggler” added Manoj. ‘Audition Room’ is an effort to educate the millions of unassuming youngsters who come into the film industry hoping to make a career. Manoj took it upon himself to shatter the myths and bring clarity to break down the process of casting in his book, ‘Audition room’. The book is bilingual, available in Hindi and English.

Talking about the book, veteran Actor Om Puri said, “When most youngsters come to this town perusing their dream they often don’t know what to expect and how to go about it. For many reasons more lies and half truths are floating around and very few facts. “Audition Room” is a refreshing step. It is nice to have a book that can provide some guidance to people giving out clarity on approach and squashing some myths along the way. There are no hard and fast rules in the pursuit of art but some guidance is always welcome. It is much tougher for the young girls who come to the film industry because they are looked upon as easy targets to be lured. I am not saying that the entire industry is like this but then there are few people who are perhaps not even a part of this industry, who will show off contacts here and there to mislead these girls. A book like this will defiantly guide these girls in a proper manner and they will be better prepared to face challenges.”

More about the book ‘Audition Room’ at:

Iceland invites the Bollywood for film shoots

Iceland invites Bollywood



The Ambassador of Iceland Mr. Thorir Ibsen invited the Indian Film Industry for a presentation on “Filming in Iceland” on Friday 18th September 2015 in Mumbai during the “Locations 2015” event in Orchid Hotel, Mumbai
The central them was to discover how Iceland adds to the magic of Shah Rukh Khan & Kajol’s romantic scenes in Rohit Shetty’s upcoming film “Dilwale” which has a song choreographed by Farah Khan and was entirely shot there.
He further announced that the Film & TV Producers will be able to apply for 20 % of reimbursement from the State Treasury of the cost incurred in the production of films and television programmes in Iceland
Iceland will provide a single window solution with a range of services that offers required permits, Studios, Equipments & experienced local cast crew & other manpower assistance.
Iceland offers a variety of unique filming locations unlike anywhere else in the world. It’s stark landscape and amazing range of geological and natural phenomena with imposing glaciers, geysers, black sand beach makes for arresting visuals.
Iceland also offers picturesque floating icebergs, majestic waterfalls, stark highlands & lava fields. Its yellow sulphur mountains, active and dormant volcanoes have been a treat for film makers from all over the world. Iceland’s vast spectrum of beauty is now within easy reach for Indian Film & TV Producers.
A single window solution will be provided to the Indian film makers with with a range of varied services. Trained local crews with proven experience in shooting quality films in tough climatic conditions will be provided. The country will also provide our film makers with the full range of professional services including assistance with locations, crew, equipment, casting, studios and required permits to shoot. These crew has in the past worked with well know Hollywood film makers.
The 20 % reimbursement scheme is simple, transparent and effective. Iceland is also a member of the European Union single market; hence films and television programs made in Iceland are classified as European content when released in Europe.
The only Bollywood film ever shot in Iceland till date has been the yet to be released Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol starrer “Dilwaale”..Other prominent films shot in Iceland in the past are The Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Batman Begins, Thor, James Bond Films ,Lara Croft : Tomb Raider, Nayak, Brindavana, Aadhavan etc. The spectacular locations, professional services and government incentive makes it indeed one of the best places to shoot a film in the world.
Iceland has also its own film industry. Iceland films are established part of World cinema and are regularly screened in various International film festivals. While typically the films are small scale productions, Icelandic films deal with interesting themes, such as the relationship between man and the powerful indomitable nature, the clash of values and lifestyles, rural and urban loneliness & alienation, the desire to escape, etc. There have been a number of Icelandic films that have been nominated for prestigious film awards and Icelandic directors like Baltasar Kormákur Samper who have directed films like The Deep, 101 Rekjavik, 2 Guns, Contraband and Everest have gained world reputation

Iceland is also a fascinating tourist destination. It is the perfect destination for those who want to refresh their spirit, and combine adventure and unique nature with clean air and clean water owing to pure and renewable energy resources. From a wide variety of things to do, one can enjoy a relaxing visit to the nature bath at “Blue Lagoon” with a relaxing dip in clouds of steam rising up from fissures deep in the earth’s surface that ends with a luxurious bath in warm natural water.
Land of the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun, of Viking heritage and the most modern design imaginable, of magical folklore and friendly people, Iceland sits at the top of Europe with an abundance of history, metropolitan atmosphere, sublime dining and plenty of charming experiences for you to enjoy. There’s no place else like it!! Look around and you see volcanoes, waterfalls and glaciers & lava fields. Don’t let the name fool you! Thanks to the warming effects of the Gulf Stream, Iceland enjoys temperate climate all year round. Regardless of the season, Icelanders will warmly welcome you. We love to share our culture, and will make extra efforts to ensure that your stay, much like the spectacular landscape, will never be forgotten.
Iceland has become one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world. The number of tourist arrival in 2014 was three times the country’s population and it is growing rapidly.
The number of Indian tourist visiting Iceland is steadily increasing as more and more people come to know about the country through films, tourism promotions and word of mouth. Indian travellers can reach Iceland by air from most European capital cities with flying time of three hours or less….

Aranav Kumar: New Handsome hunk in B Town

Aranav Kumar

Aranav Kumar is a martial art practitioner trying his fate in Bollywood. Not only a good actor, he is also trained in martial arts. His love to this art led him to know more about this art and the road led him to the Shaolin School in Shandong Province in China.

At the age of 14, Aranav discovered this particular talent within. Like most of the teens, he was a puny guy most often being a victim to the bullying and mostly got beaten by his colleagues as was too weak and incapable of facing those situations, but once the boy found his inner instinct he not only started training on his own he now started throwing punches on wall and tried all the variations of kicking.

This young lad had the opportunity to get a bit of training from his school teachers of martial arts, but he could not learn much as he had to get busy with his studies and regular life.

Again at the age of 16 he decided to go to Pune and take this seriously, so in 2004 he left for pune to pursue martial arts but also he was keen to become an actor.

This newly developed hobby did not stop here after watching a series of Fight Quest documentary on Discovery Channel he got to know that foreigners can go to China and learn Shaolin martial art. He immediately packed his bags and left for
China to the learn martial arts in Shaolin Temple as he always been fond of Monks.

Aranav is a big fan of Jacky Chan, Jet Lee and Donnie Yen.

When he arrived at Shaolin school he realize that life over there will not be easy..,

The 1st week training was so hard that he couldn’t walk properly and his master use to beat him which made him upset.. training was so hard that he use to get upset he use to sit on mountain and think whether his decision of coming to China was right?-

He persisted and stayed there for four months and then he took a decision that its enough now and that he ought to go back to India as he couldn’t take more pain.

When he returned then he realize what he is missing in life, He began missing his training, his master’s shouting and the beating. He demonstrated what he learned in China during his 4 months and his friend use to be impressed. For the first time in his life people clapped on his performance, he realized that his master use to beat him for good .. and since he was not good in studies or anything but this is the first time that people were appreciating his talent. He then realized that this is what he was born to do… and then he started missing China and so one day he decided that he will go back to China and train no matter how hard the training will be he will train.

This time he was determined to pursue further, and left for china and stayed there for 3 years, during this period he participated in competitions and and then won gold medal, after which the school awarded him scholarship for his outstanding performance.

Day by day he was getting better… Having trained in a Shaolin form, 2 Shaolin weapons, 3 Shaolin animal forms, 4 Sanda techniques (Chinese kick boxing), 5 Tai qi and 6 Qin na.

In one competition he broke his nose and got knocked out, he was still training and his nose got worse he couldn’t breath properly from his nose he use to breath from his mouth when his master ordered him to go back to India and see a good doctor but this time, he didn’t want to come back as he didn’t want to miss his training.

Unfortunately, one day it got very serious and he had to come back to India and had to go through an operation in Delhi, since then he is in India and misses China…

Yet, he hasn’t given up with his training and trains everyday, Now its  a part of his daily life!

Aranav has now come to Mumbai and enrolled in acting school  (Vidhurs Kreating character acting school) and aims to do action movie where he can showcase his Shaolin martial art.

When he sees a Bollywood villain getting beaten by hero he feels bad, as in real life its not that easy to beat a villain but coz in India the villain sare not depicted in a fighthting fit physique, and wants to change that… He wants to give a tough competition to the hero.

Aranav is a newcomer in filmy town, he is professionally groomed in acting by Vidhur’s Kreating Character Acting School Mumbai. With his learning in Martial arts in China Shaolin temple for 4 years and having Won  gold medals in various Martial arts competition, this lad is to be watched out for giving the hero a tough time.

Personal Details – Aranav Kumar:
Height 5.11
Age       26
Weight 70
Waist    32
Eyes colour: Brown

DJ Khusboo Kapoor: Sky’s the limit

DJ Khusboo Kapoor

When it comes to limit , Anchor and Celebrity DJ Khusboo Kapoor believes in sky

DJ Khusboo Kapoor has done shows across India and abroad. As an anchor she has shared the stage with almost all the bollywood and TV celebrities.

She is the one who has hosted Champions League 20-20, One day International Cricket Matches, BCCI events and even the IPL parties. Khusboo has travelled out of India and has shared the stage with all cricketers across the globe.

Hosting the Government’s International Conferences, Political Events and Award Ceremonies gives her a chance to share the stage with the VVIP’s from India and Internationally.

Amongst the VVIP events to be hosted by her are her shows in the presence of Former President Honourable Pratibha Devi singh Patil, Mr.Narendra Modiji, Prime Minister of India, the captain of Indian Cricket team M.S. Dhoni, Superstar Amitaabh Bachchan, the man with the golden bat – Sachin Tendulkar, and the bollywood heartthrob Salmaan Khan and many more.

DJ Khusboo Kapoor

An interview with the celebrity DJ who enthralls the party-goers with her talents:

Who inspired you to choose DJing & Anchoring as your profession?

As a single parent, my mother Asha Kapoor has always been a very inspiring figure for me. She has motivated me a lot. She is the one who always stood by me and encouraged me to be a model then anchor and DJ. I used to be a very shy person and had stage fear during my school days. But then a turn came and I participated in a fashion show at the age of 12 and I won it. This was the turning point and then there was no looking back. Till now, I have done more than 3000 shows as a DJ and anchor across the globe and I am madly in love with my profession.

What is the most lovely part of being an anchor ?

I love the applause from the audience, When ever I host a show I make sure that my audience should be entertained, The most lovely part is being on stage and making my audience to do funny things the way I want them to do on stage. As I am a fun loving person by nature and the best part of my anchoring skill is the humor which I am specialized in. Its always good to feel and see the love and lots of applause from the audience. Signing autographs and getting the pictures clicked with my fans make me happy..

You’ve got featured in high end magazines and dailies. How do you feel?

It feels great to get a feature story in high end magz like femina n ol. Its actually the return of my hard work.I work 24*7 with no weekly offs and no time for vacations. Getting featured is a kind of an applause and appreciation for me. I would like to thank media for featuring me so often. Making people dance on my music and then entertaining them with lots of humorous interaction is not an easy task. I am a restless soul. I feel happy and satisfied only if my audience and fans are happy and enjoying my presence on the stage. I feel blessed to see that many freshers in the industry take me as a role model and want to follow my foot steps.

You are a celebrity Dj and a known personality among the party lovers around country. What is next ?

I am going to release my single soon as a singer where you will see all my avtaars . U will get to see me as a DJ, Model and singer :) I am working on its music these days. 7 country tour is also in pipeline where I will visit 7 countries and will have shows there as a DJ .

Could you name the Celebs that you have shared the stage as an anchor with? Some of your major events?

I do shows across India and abroad. As an anchor I have shared the stage with almost all the bollywood and TV celebrities. As I have hosted Champions League 20-20 , One day International Cricket Matches, BCCI events and IPL parties, I shared the stage with all cricketers across the globe. I host Government International Conferences, Political Events and Award Ceremonies so it gave me a chance to share the stage with the VVIP’s from India and Abroad. To name a few I have hosted shows in the presence of Former President Honourable Pratibha Devi singh Patil, Mr.Narendra Modi ji, Prime Minister of India, Mr. M.S. Dhoni, Mr. Amitaabh Bachchan, Mr. Sachin Tendulkar, Mr. Salmaan Khan and lots more.

DJ Khusboo KapoorAt the beginning of your career, how was it? An easy path or much of hurdles? 

I started my career with the remuneration of Rs 500 for a show. I have always been passionate for my work. I struggled but remain confident. Initially many people ditched me in payments because I was a fresher and didn’t know how to tackle and how to cope up. But with constant and consistent efforts, everything got settled. When you start something afresh , some unprofessional people try to cheat with you but later on people came to know about your worth.

You are quite beautiful. Do you have plans to enter in Bollywood? It is being said that Subhash Ghai had himself honoured you on the behalf of whistling woods. What was it about? 
It was a moment of sheer happiness when I got a letter from Subhash ghai ji on behalf of Whistling Woods International stating that he want to honour me as a Young Achiever of 2012. Its a moment of proud because from billions of aspiring girls and boys who want to enter in Bollywood , he selected me on the basis of my talent and achievement. I do have plans to kick start my innings in Bollywood very soon.

One thing you love about your pink city, one thing very unique ?

I like the peacefulness of Pink city. Its a beautiful city with lots of forts to visit in evenings. Its a city which is colorful in every way , be it food, its music and its people . I will showcase the beauty and peace of pink city in my upcoming album very soon.

Daredevil Stuntman Bello Nock aims at Bollywood

Bello Nock wants to work in Bollywood

World Greatest Daredevil Stuntman BELLO NOCK  Is in Mumbai To Announce his Live Reality  Stunt Show And his Desire to Work In Bollywood




Los Angeles (June, 2014) – On Tuesday June 3rd, it was nearly impossible to turn on the television or browse the internet, without seeing a man with a gravity-defying haircut, himself defying gravity by precariously balancing on a chair atop a high wire in New York’s Times Square for eight hours.  Across national and local media outlets, Bello Nock was one of the most ubiquitous newsmakers of the day, with over 250 million media impressions, and counting. The event also drove nearly 30 million social media impressions, increasing Bello’s social media exposure by 10,289% – up from nearly nothing just the day before. Additionally, posts on Bello’s fan page on Facebook reached nearly 300,000 users and 7,300 users engaged directly on the page.

Bello Nock wants to work in Bollywood

Bello Nock wants to work in Bollywood


Known for his outrageous, death-defying feats, Bello set the world record for “Most Media Interviews on a Wire Over the Longest Period of Time” in Times Square.  Following that death-defying feat, he took his skills to the opposite coast on Friday, June 6, walking a high wire approximately 880 feet across the iconic Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, CA, at sunset, with no net or safety harness. Viewers tuned in to to see the live-streamed event as Bello made history. In a modern twist, Bello also took “selfies” while up on the wire, even replying to tweets in real time from high above the stadium. When Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian tweeted @BelloNock, he replied with a video message direct from the wire, on one foot! The event drove over 140 million media impressions and nearly 52 million social media impressions.


Following the Friday’s event, Bello, who speaks six languages, has embarked on a worldwide promotional tour to meet his countless international fans in London, Paris, Berlin, Istanbul, Dubai, Mumbai, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Bogata, and Mexico City, subsequently appearing on the ESPY Awards on July 16.  The “Summer of Bello” will culminate on August 30, when he will attempt the most high-risk, multi-part stunt by completing 15 death-defying stunts in less than 15 minutes, or die trying, in a live pay-per-view event, “Bello: The Ultimate Daredevil.”  In partnership with Mandt Bros. Productions and Major League Baseball Advanced Media, the event will take place in Las Vegas and stream live on

Preview the stunt specifics now:

Photos and B-Roll of Tuesday’s Times Square Event are available at:

Username: bwrguest
Password: bwrguest


Photos and B-Roll of Friday’s Rose Bowl Event are available at:

Username: bwrguest
Password: bwrguest


He has amazed millions of people in his live performances in the last decade alone with his jaw-dropping daredevil talents.   This versatile performer’s repertoire includes virtually every major thrill act possible!  Known for his signature hairstyle as well as his daredevil skills, Bello has been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for the first ever high wire walk over a cruise ship at sea, he has hung by his toes from a trapeze under a helicopter over the Statue of Liberty, has repelled from the roof of Madison Square Garden, and has ridden an elephant through NYC’s Midtown Tunnel.   Bello’s wowed millions as the star of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, becoming the only person in the company’s history to have a production named after him - Bellobration and TIME Magazine included him in their list of “America’s Best Artists and Entertainers”.

 Bello Nock wants to work in Bollywood


Brothers Neil and Michael Mandt are partners in the four-time Emmy Award-winning production company Mandt Bros. Productions, headquartered in Los Angeles. Together they have earned four Emmy Awards and nine nominations, among numerous other notable accolades.  Their projects include the recently released feature film, “Million Dollar Arm,” the critically acclaimed feature film, “Last Stop for Paul,” and its TV adaptation “Next Stop for Charlie” (Showtime), and other television projects which have included “Destination Truth” (Syfy), “Jim Rome is Burning” (ESPN), “Ice Brigade” (Food Network), “Strangers in Danger” (Fuel TV) and “The Car Show” (Speed Network).


MLBAM - Was established in June 2000 following a unanimous vote by the 30 Major League Baseball club owners to centralize all of Baseball’s Internet operations, MLB Advanced Media LP (MLBAM) is the interactive media and internet company of Major League Baseball. MLBAM manages the official league site,, and each of the 30 individual Club sites to create the most comprehensive Major League Baseball resource on the Internet. MLBAM also develops, deploys and distributes the highest-grossing sports app, At Bat, as well as manages live video content for dozens of sports and entertainment clients. It captures, encodes and distributes tens of thousands of live video events annually, powering more live events on the Internet than any other property in the world.

Here is some good news for Mumbaiites – BELLO NOCK  is  planning to walk on the cable wire  on the Bandra worli Sea link road Mumbai (India).